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  2. Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Siurana PDO only certifies the best extra virgin olive oils in the territory, no other category.

Extra virgin olive oil, 100% natural juice of the olive, free of defects

This is the most high-quality olive oil, the result of careful work that begins with the cultivation of the olive and continues during the entire processing phase, extracting the juice of the fruit using only mechanical and physical means, under conditions that ensure quality and maintain its exceptional properties, both organoleptic (aroma, taste, etc.) and health properties (vitamins, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories).

Virgin olive oil, 100% natural juice of the olive
As with extra virgin, it is obtained using exclusively mechanical means that safeguard its properties. However, despite being a high-quality oil, it has some minor defect and it is less exceptional from an organoleptic point of view.

Olive oil, an industrial product
It contains a mix of refined olive oils and virgin or extra virgin olive oils in a lesser and variable proportion. This type of oil is obtained from virgin olive oils that did not reach a sufficiently high level of quality to be used for human consumption, lamp oils (which in days gone by were used to fuel oil lamps for lighting) and which have had to go through a refining process at an industrial plant to eliminate unpleasant tastes and smells. It conserves fewer vitamins and antioxidant substances than the two previous types, as these are lost during the refining treatments.


Little arbequina, great oil

Our oil is made using the arbequina varietal of olive, considered one of the finest in the world, in terms of both yield and regularity, and for the quality of its oil. The result are oils that strike a fine balance between sweetness, sourness and a spicy flavour, very pleasant to the palate, enhancing flavours without masking them.

It is resistant and can adapt to different climate and soil conditions. The tree’s relatively small crown allows for greater plantation densities than other more vigorous varieties.


Olive farming:
Indicative of a natural product, obtained from olives using only mechanical procedures that do not modify the olive’s natural composition and therefore conserve both the vitamin content and nutritional value of the oil.

Fragant: Aromatic, with a pleasant, neat sensation and an aroma with traits that are typical of the area where it is produced, deriving from the arbequina variety of olive. Balanced: Well composed, with all its taste properties well distributed and taking in sour, sweet and spicy flavours. Well rounded: A complete oil

Aciidity: Less than 0,5°
K 270: Max 0,15
Humidity: Not higher than 0.1%
Impurities: Not greater than 0,1%


Oil with medium-high fruitiness, with green notes that remind us of grass, tomato, artichoke and almond, and mature hints of banana, almond and fennel, imbuing it with complexity and elegance. It is delicate in the mouth, with a smooth and sweet entry that is perfectly complemented by a light bitter and spicy touch that gives it balance and harmony.

These green notes and fruitiness are more intense at the beginning of the harvest and get smoother over time.


Siurana PDO certifies the quality of the oils sold with the Siurana PDO seal and using the mark below.



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