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The processing of our golden elixir combines the care and artisanal skill of traditional methods with technological innovations that facilitate process optimisation.
Obtaining extra virgin olive oil requires different stages:

Collection and transport

To obtain the best olive oil, olive farmers collect fresh and healthy fruit from the tree once it has reached the ideal maturity. After harvesting the olives are carefully transported to the mill, where they are weighed and analysed.

One of the secrets to quality extra virgin olive oil is that the processing time must be no more than 48 hours, and it is advisable not to go over 24 hours from collection of the olives to obtaining the oil.


The techniques used to handle and grind the fruit, and to extract and conserve the oil are monitored to ensure the oil obtained is of the highest quality.

Washing of the olives
The fruit is washed to ensure there are no traces of mud, earth, leaves, branches or any other milling impurity.

The olives are pressed during the grinding process to release the juice in the pulp. Only mechanical and temperature-controlled means are used to achieve this, obtaining a product that has all the required organoleptic and nutritional properties.

The beaters are recipients on the walls of which there is a water circuit, with paddles that move slowly to beat the paste. The aim of this process is to ensure the paste acquires the fluidity and temperature required allow the drops of oil to be released easily; it is important to have adequate control over the conditions and temperature to make sure the oil does not lose its properties.

Separation and extraction
This operation consists of correctly separating the oil from the watery part and residues by different densities.


Once the decanting process has been completed, the oil is stored in completely dark temperature-controlled tanks on site at a temperature that never exceeds 18ºC and prepared for immediate bottling. This way, its organoleptic qualities remain unaltered all year around. 



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