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  2. Understanding Olive Oil
Understanding oil is being aware of our cultural heritage, falling in love with an unmistakable landscape and appreciating the health benefits of the very best food and cuisine. Understanding oil is also recognising the work and dedication of expert hands and savouring the exceptional quality of extra virgin olive oil made from arbequina olives.

Those of us in the Siurana PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) area are part of a community dedicated to understanding and working with extra virgin olive oil. We know how to find the best land and the best times to work on different oils; we know the most suitable processes to use and how to get the most from each olive. All of this ensures that Siurana oil can be enjoyed at the table to the fullest, as much more than just another olive oil.

I am the essence of a territory.
I am history, tradition and people.
I am the fruit of good quality.
I am the taste of health.


Our territory is the birthplace of Siurana PDO extra virgin olive oil: a balance between nature and art. The arbequina olive, the cultivation of the land, the harvest at just the right time and all the know-how of our expert olive growers and millers make it possible for us to achieve a unique product that is synonymous with these lands.

Our counties enjoy a privileged climate: mild winters and dry, hot summers, with an average temperature of about 16ºC, rainfall in the spring and autumn, which is generally quite light, and northerly winds (known here as the Mistral winds), which tend to blow from autumn to spring and which bring rains from the west.

These are ideal conditions to create a truly exceptional oil, between the mountains and the sea.


The legacy of an ancient tradition that is rooted in the land and grows with the trees that it nurtures, the delicacy of wise hands that tend to the olive groves, the mission to create a taste that defines us. The people who dedicate their efforts to making Siurana olive oil are from the area where it is grown and live there all year around. They are the embodiment of the depth of feeling that goes into making a great olive oil, the art and commitment behind a job well done.

Many of our collaborating entities have been making olive oil continuously for over 100 years.


The Siurana DOP only certifies extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality that is created within the protected area, according to the European PDO regulations and our own Quality Manual.

The little arbequina olive is the Jewel of the Siurana Denomination of Origin thanks to its singular characteristics and excellence. It is a variety of olive that is remarkable for its mild and fluid flavour, its complex and elegant aroma and its spicy aftertaste.

Besides the variety of olive used and the characteristics of the land on which it grows, Siurana PDO oil owes its quality to the harvest collection method used, which complies with the duty of care set down by the Regulatory Council to set extra virgin oils apart from regular ones. The Siurana PDO seal guarantees both quality and origin.

All of these makes DOP Siurana oil a golden elixir of unique qualities.


Extra virgin olive oil is the star ingredient in the Mediterranean diet and is a source of health. Its richness in natural antioxidants, such as vitamin E and polyphenols, means that its positive effects are endless.

The PREDIMED (Prevention Through the Mediterranean Diet) study and PREDIMED+, the most large scale trial on nutrition ever carried out in Europe, has shown that a Mediterranean diet with plenty of extra virgin olive oil has very beneficial effects on our health:

- It reduces the risk of suffering heart disease and death from heart-related issues by 30%
-- It reduces the risk of diabetes by 49%
- It helps prevent neuro-degenerative diseases
--It helps prevent some types of cancer
- It helps to reduce and prevent weight issues and obesity

More information: http://www.predimed.es